Orientalische Waffen 

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Tao sword with carbon steel blade, tempered forged and polished. The sword has finished in nickel and red ribbon handgrip (not functional, only for non-contact training). Length 91 cm and weight 1.3 kg.

Ref. 4078

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Couple of butterfly knives, made of carbon steel, tempered, forged and polished nickel. (For non-contact training) length 49 cm and total weight 1.8 kg.

Ref. 4080

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China Chien functional sword with wooden sheath, blade in carbon steel, tempered, forged and polished. Handle and sheath in nickel. Length 95 cm and weight 800 gr.

Ref. 4081

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Couple of Sais in nickeled steel.

Ref. 4083

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Kama with metallic blade.

Ref. 4084

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Viet vo dao functional sword with scabbard for practicing martial arts. Blade in carbon steel tempered 58 HRC with finished in nickel. Sheath and handle in beech wood. Total length with scabbard 97 cm and weight 1.5 kg.

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Orientalische Waffen.