Medieval Curiosities  

Ref. 50493

73,00 €
Shipment in 1-2 weeks

Functional steel brazier. Used for heating, cooking and lighting. Measures 30 cm x 30 cm x 27 cm.

Ref. 50495

13,00 €
Shipment in 1-2 weeks

Leather belt bag for two bottles. Length 10 cm. 7.5 cm width.

Ref. 50499

20,00 €
Shipment in 1-2 weeks

Leather belt bag for 3 bottles. Length 14 cm. 6 cm width.

Ref. 50505

59,99 €
Shipment in 1-2 weeks

Thieves Tools are a collection of steel and brass tools designed to pick locks or disable traps. The set includes a lock pick, mini saw, functional brass magnifying glass, universal key and a tiny hammer.

Ref. 50487

26,96 €
Shipment in 1-2 weeks

This "Captain Hook"- Hand is a perfect accessory for pirate-performances, e.g. carnival, Shrovetide, theatre, LARP or re-enactment. The hook is hand-forged from steel.

Ref. 50489

27,09 €
Shipment in 1-2 weeks

This is an authentic replica of a medieval spring scissor. It is hand-forged from spring steel. We have tested its function on paper and cardboard.

Ref. 50490

131,67 €
Shipment in 1-2 weeks

There is a round opening in the middle of the grid for a pan (patera) or pot (situla). All joints are riveted by hand.

Ref. 50492

40,93 €
Shipment in 1-2 weeks

The hook is handmade has seven teeth for seven levels above the fire.

Ref. 50494

20,42 €
Shipment in 1-2 weeks

Jackknife hand-forged. Includes hand-sewn leather sheath with belt loop.

Ref. 51323

53,39 €
Shipment in 1-2 weeks

Solar clock of the Renaissance period that can indicate the local solar time in any part of the world. Fully assembled and with instruction manual translated in ten languages. Made of brass and steel

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