Viking Drinking Horns 

Ref. 4203-LOR

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Drinking horn made of real horn. Polished outside. Varnished inside with food-safe varnish (will resist alcohol), Support not included.

Ref. 50462

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Viking drinking horn made of real horn with a capacity of about 0.5 liters, Support not included

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We have a range of drinking horns made from 100% original Cow horns. These were commonly used in medieval times and by Vikings as an easy portable way to hold drink. All horns are fully usable as a drinking vessel Horns are a natural product so colour will vary slightly from items pictured

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Soporte de cuero para llevar cuernos de beber en el cinturón.

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Be the envy of your Viking group, LARP or SCA with this red horn jug made from cow horn. The jar has a decorative carved line design. This beer mug is made by Lord of Battles, who is an official supplier to the Game of Thrones and The Last Kingdom television series and created the drinking horns and mugs shown in these series. This horn is large enough to...

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Olaf drinking horn, with details and reddish tone. Includes forging support.

Ref. 60610-LOR

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This is a unique hand carved drinking horn. Vegvisir is an Icelandic symbol that means "What shows the way". It is found in the 19th century Huld manuscript, and proclaims that if this sign is carried, you will never lose your way through storms or bad weather, even if the way is unknown. The symbol that is carved on the front of the horn resembles a...

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This horn has a decorative brass ornament with a Celtic engraving and a brass eagle end. The horn also has a carved vegvísir symbol with a stylized Viking ship Drakkar on either side The vegvísir wayfinder symbol is an icelandic runic magic talisman symbol meant to grant a safe journey to travel through bad weather Measured along the outside of the horn,...

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Viking drinking horn with brass engravings, includes handmade forging support, capacity 0.5 L , They can have different shades of color due to being natural products

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Hand-made wrought iron drinking horn support. For horns with an approximate capacity of 0,3 to 0,7 litres.

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This powder horn is made from genuine cattle horn and reconstructed following original findings.  The horn is notched decoratively and has a wooden cap, fastened with authentic nails from brass. The opening at the horn’s point can be closed  by a stopper. 

Ref. 50459

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This stand for drinking horns is made of black painted steel for large drinking horns, 0.5 to 1.0 liters.

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Wrought iron support for small drinking horn. For horns with an approximate capacity of 0,2 and 0,3 litres.

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This stand for drinking horns is made of black painted steel. Small size for horns from 0,2 to 0,4 liters.

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Drinking horn with a capacity of approximately 0.75 litres, No incluye soporte.

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Viking drinking horn of approximately 0,9 liters capacity, Supporto non incluso

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This simple and low-priced drinking horn holder is made of two riveted leather straps.

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Drinking horn made of real horn. Polished exterior. Capacity: 100 ml-199 ml aprox.

Ref. 6521BK-LOR

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Leather holder to carry drinking horns on the belt.

Ref. 6902-LOR

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Handmade jug made of leather with hand-stitched cowhide. Inner coated hardened beeswax. Height 16 cm Recommendations Do not expose it to the sun for a long time and should not be used with high-alcohol drinks as the interior could be damaged.

Ref. 4203LHBR-LOR

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These natural cow horns are designed to match the historical design of the medieval and Viking warrior drinking horn. They come with a black or brown holster (belt holder), with which you can comfortably carry your horn on your belt.

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Drinking horn inspired by Odin, with a brass rim and finished with a brass tip in a crocodile design. It has an approximate length of 35 cm.

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Jug made of natural horn, with high resistance handle. Each jar is different since it is a natural product. Height 17 cm.

Ref. 4230IS-LOR

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Viking drinking horn with brass engravings, includes handmade forging support, capacity 0.5 L , Due to being natural products they can have different color tones

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Horns to drink with or without stand.

The Viking horn to drink is just what it seems: bovine antlers used as a container for liquids. The horns are known since classical antiquity, especially in the Balkans, and have remained in use for ceremonial purposes during the Middle Ages and the beginnings of modernity in Germanic Europe. Horns are now used to toast on special occasions in countries like Georgia.

Some notable examples of the horns of Europe of the Middle Ages were made with the horns of bison or European uro (species of extinct bull in the seventeenth century). Most of the horns of the Viking era were domestic, smaller cattle. The exception to the norm are the large uro horns found in the tomb of Sutton Hoo (Suffolk, east coast of England).

Numerous elaborate horns have been found to drink in tombs of pagan Germanic tribes. The findings span a millennium, from the Germanic Iron Age, to the Viking Age.

Hardly have we got horns of the Viking Age. Both the cattle and the goats were everyday objects prone to deterioration. The decorative metallic pieces and frames for horns recovered in the deposits, testify that their use was very extended, in spite of the fact that the preserved natural horns are scarce.

The majority of the Norwegian horns that are conserved, dated in Average Age, have ornamented metal frames, although the horns are smooth and without adornments. There are also some horns with incrustations in the same horns, although from a later period; its simplicity testifies that it is popular craftsmanship.

The Bayeux tapestry (circa 1070) shows the scene of a banquet before Harold Godwinson embarks for Normandy. Several figures are given a tribute with horns to drink in a building.

The horns to drink appear in multiple literary works of the Viking Age:

In the Edda, Thor drank from a horn that, without knowing it, contained all the seas. By drinking much of the sea content, Thor frightened Utgard-Loki (king of the giants: not to be confused with the god Loki) and his relatives.
The hero Beowulf drank mead on carved horns, and is also used for drinking in the epic poem of the year 1000 Gudrunarkvida II.