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Battle Ready Medieval Shields

Functional Medieval Shields

The shield, a defensive weapon that was carried in gear and that served to shelter and protect against offensive weapons, is perhaps one of the first weapons used in history. Medieval shields are part of the war history of all time. There are evidence of shields from the third millennium BC in the Sumerian era and their use lasted until the discovery of firearms towards the end of the s. XVII moment in which he loses his prominence on the battlefield.

The earliest forms of the shield were circular, rectangular, oval, or almond-shaped. These forms evolved towards the end of the 13th century and triangular shields of equal height and width were imposed and from the s. XIV were already taller than they were wide and their surface became flat instead of curved.

Like the shape of the shields, the shield embracing system evolved from a simple handle in the center of the shield to several leather straps that allowed different types of fastening to facilitate both the protection of whoever wielded it and an eventual action counterattack. Thus we can find vertical, diagonal or horizontal fastening systems depending on the shape and main use of the shield.

At rest, the shield was carried either hanging from the neck, or on a shoulder strap, using one or more additional leather straps.

Types of functional shields

Pelta, Clípeo, Scutum, Parma, Cetra, Celtic Shield, Viking Shield, Teardrop Shield, Targe, Triangular Shield, Pavés, Tabulaccio, Adarga, Tarja, Rodela: Medieval Factory Blog



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