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Roman Helmets

The Roman helmet has always been known for being one of the most aesthetically striking helmets. The model that is in the minds of most when they think of a Roman helmet wore tufts of horsehair at the top and had engravings throughout the helmet, so they were real works of art

Little by little protections were added for the face and back of the neck and also for the shoulders. Depending on each era and functionality these have been the different types of helmets:

The Montefortino, with an extension in the back to protect the nape and in the superior part took the plume subject in a support, very similar to the typical Spartan helmet

The Coolus, of spherical shape, with a reinforcement in the frontal part, and very protected in the later part

The imperial gallic helmet, seen in many films, with protections for the ears

The crests were generally red and the centurions carried them horizontally, to differentiate themselves from the legionaries that carried them vertically.



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