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Medieval Armour

Medieval Armors in Real Size

Since ancient times, man tried to protect himself in some way from danger and predators, over time he began to create armor to protect himself from attacks by enemy armies, first with animal skins, then with leather, and finally with metals, with armor.

Evolution of Medieval Armor

Around the 10th century there were still armor that was considered inappropriate, insufficient and even primitive, compared to those that emerged from the 11th century, when the Crusades began.

It was then that the garters, also known as brunica or brunia, were lengthened, which only reached the hips, and later up to the thighs.

Little by little, this metallic garment made by the links of the rings to each other, evolved to add sleeves, first short and then long, and even a hood to protect the neck and head. This garment ended up being known as jacerine or chainmail.

They usually wore a padded jerkin under armor to protect them from metal and possible chafing.

Today combat armor is still used to protect warriors. Those who practice medieval fighting as a sport continue to benefit from these great pieces that, in addition to being useful, are extremely beautiful.

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