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Medieval Chainmail

The chainmail armor is made of iron rings interlaced with each other in a pattern in which a ring fastened to 4.

His invention is attributed to the Celts. It began to be used around the 5th century BC until the 16th century. The mesh armor is divided into several pieces:

Chainmail: The chain mail is a nightgown; there were 2 classes: for the infant and for the gentleman. The gentleman's had long sleeves with gloves included and infant's usually had 3/4 sleeves
Almofar: It is a protection for the head and neck, it was made of three pieces; Hat, covered the head. Savanna, covered the neck and part of the throat.
Brafoneras: Protection for the legs

For many centuries it was the most used metal protection because it was very comfortable due to its flexibility, it did not weigh much (between 10 and 20 kg a full level) and it offered an extraordinary protection against cutting and throwing weapons

An arrow shot close up would open the rings, but usually the bows launched the arrow about 100 or 200 meters, so that when they hit the knight's body, the strength was low and the chain mail stopped the arrow

It is true that when faced with a strong impact with an ax, for example, the level did little to help. Under the mesh a padded leather garment was worn to protect the body from the metallic friction of the rings and to cushion the blows




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