Henry V. combat sword


Functional combat sword for recreation of the 14th and 15th centuries, made of carbon steel and includes a pod with 205 cm long leather belt to double the waist or cut it to size.

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Data sheet

Length91 cm.
MaterialCarbon steel
Blade74 cm.
Blade width4 cm
Blade hardness50 - 52 HRC

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The SK-C offers historical recreation beginners an affordable opportunity for basic exercises. Swords are ideal for anyone who would like to possess a sword ready for battle, but does not use it often. The leaves are broken if used against harder swords. 1. Blade hardness: less than 48 HRC. 2. The material of the blade reaches through the handle and is either riveted or screw fixed to the handle. 3. Rounded edge and tip. 3. It can be heavy and not perfectly balanced. 4. No guarantee.