Sword Falchion Italy


The falchion sword was a very used weapon in the battle. It has an ancient history that dates back to the Bronze Age. It is considered as a heavy weapon, with a single-edged blade designed for cutting. During the Renaissance its form became a little more elaborate, but its functionality remained the same. It was a heavy battle sword designed to fight against plate and mail. This replica is from a sword of the Museum of Florence that dates from the first quarter of the sixteenth century. The blade is made of high carbon steel. The protector and knob are made of steel, while the grip is made of polished hardwood. A beautiful and impressive sword. It has a high carbon steel blade, solid steel guard and knob and a polished wooden grip.Includes a leather scabbard decorated with steel pieces.Length: 84 cm Blade: 66 cm Length, 4.4 cm Width, 0.47 Thickness Weight: 1.475 g

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