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Medieval Banners

The wide assortment of medieval banners allow you to decorate different indoor and outdoor spaces, castles, wineries, medieval markets, streets, squares or medieval weddings.

Medieval, Roman, Jewish, Templar banners and personalized heraldry. Tents of different sizes and colors for different uses.

What is a Medieval Banner?

A banner, banner or placard is a piece of cloth with a generally elongated shape that has a drawing, a coat of arms, or a logo on its faces. The banner usually has different shapes, usually: rectangular, square, rounded. Drawings or logos as well as your own style can represent family, military unit, faith, or even your LARP group.

The banners are hung in medieval markets, theme parties, local parties or private parties, in your office, in your room together with your medieval sword or Viking ax. They can be placed indoors or outdoors, as Medieval Factory manufactures them for that.

Examples of Banners available in Medieval Factory:

There are banners of all kinds: Medieval, Viking, Roman, Celtic, Greek, etc…. We even manufacture banners for LARP events, Larp Associations, etc… ..

  • Roman banners
  • Medieval banners
  • Greek flags
  • Viking Banners
  • LARP banners
  • Banners Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Assassin's Creed, etc ... ..


Custom Banners:

We are unique manufacturers in Spain and the most important in Europe in the manufacture of medieval banners. We work with hundreds of templar associations, larp groups, medieval markets. We also supply thousands of medieval shops with our textile products, even medieval banners, so we can manufacture the banner you need, in any format.

Do you need to find medieval banners for decoration? For a celebration or a Wedding? Or do you just want to hang a custom banner from your favorite series on your wall? You are in the right place! Order your banner today and it will be possible to hang it tomorrow. If you need a quote, write us for our Commercial Department.





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