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Buy masks with medieval design

Did you know that from May 20th the use of masks is obligatory? Although it is true that it is obligatory to wear them as long as the minimum distance of 2 meters cannot be maintained, from Medieval Factory and the government itself we urge people that as a security measure we take the greatest possible protection against this damned virus.

This is why Medieval Factory made these thematic masks available to its clients, since a large number of our followers were constantly commenting and asking for them. They wanted a stylish mask, or a mask cover-up that would hide the ugly and ordinary FPP2 or surgical masks.

For this we started the process of manufacturing our first batch of designs, looking at the most demanded by our community of customers, made of fabric and with two bands on the sides that allow their attachment behind the ears, we made the models of Vikings, The Witcher and the most demanded of Templars. We do not discard in a short space of time to create many more models, as our customers give us feedback on this initiative.

Which is your favorite model?

Customized Masks

Our masks, or better said covers masks, are focused for a decorative use, or for protection of the approved masks or filtering type, because they are the ones that give more protection to the user.

From Medieval Factory we recommend the use of filtering masks type Fpp2 onwards, which can be covered with our mask covers, hiding that sober and austere design, giving them a much more personalized aspect to the taste of each one.

The masks of medieval Factory are made of cotton with a silk-screen printing of each of the symbols of the subject in question.

Our masks are a reusable product, and can be washed as a delicate product due to its printing.

A protector for your FPP2

The vast majority of customers use this type of product as protection for their fpp2 type approved masks, protecting them from dirt and external factors, as well as providing another layer of filtering against possible contamination.

They are wide masks with which you will have almost no inconvenience in covering completely your approved mask.

With this you will extend the life of your protective mask for a very reasonable price, making the duration of your mask type fpp2 onwards is much longer, due to the extra protection that this covers faces to it.

So go ahead, get your face mask and wear your simple mask with a more original look!

When to wear a mask

According to the authorities, the use of masks will be obligatory from the age of six (although it is also recommended for children between three and five), both on public roads and in open spaces and any other closed public space, provided that it is not possible to maintain the interpersonal safety distance (at least two metres).

In other words, except in certain exceptions, such as people who present some type of respiratory difficulty that may be aggravated by its use and those whose use is contraindicated for health reasons, from May it is obligatory to wear a mask (preferably hygienic or surgical) for the general population in the situations indicated.

OMS says no, but several countries and several experts do recommend or impose it.

The WHO argues that the general healthy population does not need to wear masks to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, but some studies do support their widespread use and several countries promote or mandate their use in public spaces.

How to use our masks

Before putting on a mask, you should wash your hands thoroughly to remove any contamination that we may carry with us from the start

Even with clean hands, avoid touching the parts of the mask that will be in contact with your face. Hold the mask by the ear straps or by the head strap and place it carefully over your nose and mouth. Each design is different, but make sure you understand which part goes in and which part goes out (remember that they don't wear differently if someone is infected) and which edge should go over your nose and which under your chin. Usually the area above is a bit stiffer and is adjusted by gently pressing on the bridge of the nose.

One of the main risks associated with the use of masks, in addition to possible misuse, is a feeling of false security that makes us reduce or forget other precautions. That is why, even if you use these products, remember that it is still important to wash your hands well before leaving and when you get home, not to touch your face and that when you sneeze or cough you cover your nose and mouth with the inside of your elbow or with a disposable tissue that should never be returned to your pocket, but should be thrown into a bin or paper bag so that nobody touches it again.

What kind of protection do they offer?

Only masks used in hospitals that are specifically made to retain viruses work safely. And we have to leave those to the healthcare workers who need them badly and we can't just dump them on the market.

But this does not mean that these homemade masks do not protect against the virus.

Viruses are usually in tiny droplets of salive. It's unlikely that a virus would get through all those layers. Barriering the virus is an effective system to protect yourself and others to stop transmission.

It's just an extra protection we can use in addition to staying indoors and maintaining a safe distance, among other measures.

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