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Discover the Medieval Costumes for Women and Men

Meet the medieval costumes of Medieval Factory. Travel with us to Medieval: explore the online shop and discover our range of period costumes for any age, replica armaments and armour.

You also have T-shirts, hats, trousers and other accessories and complements for your medieval clothing; or home decorations and gifts with a historical or fantasy theme. Explore the website and immerse yourself in a fascinating era.

Medieval, Roman and Renaissance costumes and dresses

Our medieval dresses and costumes have been made by a team of lovers of classical, renaissance and medieval history with more than 22 years of experience.

Medieval women's costumes include, as do men's, dresses and accessories for characters from different social classes; from queen to tavern keeper. In addition, with the added advantage that it can be complemented with those unisex elements for other types of clothing, such as Gothic, fantasy or cosplay.

Our medieval dresses and costumes have been made by a team of lovers of classical, renaissance and medieval history with more than 22 years of experience.

Original Medieval Costumes

Medieval costumes are always in fashion. More and more events are held during the year with medieval inspiration: theme parties, cosplay, markets, renaissance shows, vintage parties, historical recreations and weddings, among others.

Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of design, quality and price. Medieval Factory offers you multiple options for the configuration of your wardrobe, according to the nature of the event and your budget.

Cheap medieval costumes for any budget

Cheaper medieval costumes are the best option if you are only going to wear the clothes on a one-off engagement. There is also the option of renting the costumes and accessories instead of buying them; this is the best strategy for groups that want to go together.

We also have an outlet section where you will find the last units of some products reduced until they are out of stock. In approximately two days you will receive your order at home, and you will get free shipping on purchases over 60€. Take advantage and visit the section.

Medieval trade dresses and costumes for recreation

Medieval trade costumes serve to give greater credibility to a historical recreation. The professionals of Medieval Factory participate in the organization of all types of medieval events and update their knowledge to be up to date with the new trends in the sector.

Due to the timelessness of this costume, it can also be used for other events, such as a living Nativity scene, or recreations of fantasy scenarios of the sword and witchcraft genre.

See the stock of medieval costumes in large sizes

We have medieval costumes in large sizes. You always have the advantage that certain medieval garments, such as tabards, are very wide and adapt to multiple physical constitutions. To help you, at Medieval Factory you have a size guide to ensure that the product chosen fits you perfectly.

Medieval archers' suits to hit the bull's eye

Medieval archery costumes are interesting options for thematic events. Characters like Tolkien's elves, or Robin Hood (half legend, half historical), have become popular thanks to literature and cinema. When in doubt, this is a very helpful costume to succeed in any party.

Medieval children's costumes for your little warriors

Medieval children's costumes are a classic gift for children. Little ones always have a great time when they dress up as knights and go on wonderful adventures. (Don't tell them we also sell gualdrapas, or they'll ask for the horse!)

Medieval costumes for girls

Beautiful medieval costumes for girls that will make them feel like the protagonists of a story. The advantage of these dresses is that they served as inspiration for many children's films, and can be easily customized according to the favorite story of the queen of the castle.

We also have a section of outlet where you will find the last units of some suits still with better price until finishing stock. Take advantage! You also have the possibility of renting suits instead of buying them, a good option for groups or for those people who have a punctual commitment but think that possibly they are not going to use it in other occasions or simply that you want to be to the last one and to change of a more habitual form without necessity of buying.

We have a size guide so that you have all the guarantees that the product you buy will be perfect for you. In approximately two days you will receive your order at home in the most comfortable way, also in orders of more than 60€ you will have free shipping.

Enjoy the Medieval world with Medieval Factory !

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