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Medieval Events

Medieval Factory is a company from Teruel specialized in the Medieval period with 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of medieval costumes, banners, tents, tents and all kinds of decoration and accessories from the medieval period.

We collaborate in television programs, theatrical performances by professional groups, films with a medieval atmosphere, city councils throughout the country, etc.

Medieval Factory, as a company specialized in medieval times, offers, among its services, the organization of weddings, medieval catering, decoration of castles, squares and entire villages to faithfully recreate the atmosphere of a medieval festival, as well as a wide variety of initiatives and complementary activities, all aimed at companies, institutions and individuals within the framework of human relations, such as conventions for commercials, events for managers, incentives for large clients, institutional receptions and private parties.

Targeted leisure activities and initiatives. All of this characterized in a convenient medieval environment with a global and integral decoration, complete days from breakfast, with morning activities full of emotions for all tastes developing diverse activities, continuing with a succulent lunch, relax or afternoon activities and culminating with spectacular dinners set in the period.


We carry out a complete study of the place where the event takes place. The decoration is adjusted to the dimensions of the space to incorporate medieval tents and tents, tables, chairs, banners, etc., and all the necessary complements for the realization of medieval activities. We are experts in advising and setting up activities with medieval content.


  • Make a fun and relaxed day to encourage the attendees.
  • To promote the relationship between the different participants.


Medieval Factory, with its animation group Actoral, offers a proposal, for incentive groups, different from what has been done, generally, until now. Instead of opting for many activities and adventure trials (paint-ball, quads, zip-lines, etc...) we have chosen to make the assistants spend an entertaining Medieval Day in which the actors will make them have fun and participate in many cases, so that they feel involved, to a greater or lesser extent, in the story that is going to be developed.

A story will be represented with the actors and the assistants who will participate in it by means of simple tests that will influence the development of the story.

At the beginning of the event the costumes will be distributed, where the assistants will choose costumes of different trades and social ranks of the time. This will mark the evolution of each participant in the medieval day.

The participants, besides enjoying the performance of the actors, will have to overcome, divided into groups, a series of tests: some physical or skill, other mental or intellectual and other more theatrical, so that the story can develop towards one end or another.


The Count of Montiel is going to celebrate the marriage of his daughter Leonor to a duke whom she does not love, as she is in love with the County's blacksmith. It's an imposed marriage and she hates her future husband. Before the celebration of the lunch or dinner, Leonor and the other characters will be interacting with the attendants to make them aware of the story and trying to position them on one side or the other.

When the attendants get ready to enter the lunch or dinner, the count's soldiers will welcome them (in a more or less friendly way, depending on the character) so that they can enter to taste his medieval food. There, presiding over the tables, will be the Count, the Countess, her daughter and the Duke, who will attend along with the participants of the incentive lunch/dinner. During the lunch/dinner the story will unfold, animated by jesters or minstrels, belly dancers... until the blacksmith appears and at the end he ends up fighting a medieval sword duel with the Duke for the love of Leonor. All of this is spiced up with action, tears (from Leonor, of course) and lots of laughter from the participants. Of course, there will be no lack of medieval dances, in which all the participants will be able to participate.

Medieval games will be interspersed in the development of the story as some tests that the Count has organized on the occasion of the marriage of his daughter:


Dressed as archers... it's time to demonstrate your skills and dexterity in archery, where the knight's aim is tested. The archers who decide to participate will shoot arrows, finished off in rubber balls, to hit the centre of the target.

Gentlemen's Wrestling

Two gentlemen will have to stand on two small circular platforms and, armed with training sticks with a padded top, held by both hands, they will have to try to make the opponent fall off his platform.

Pulling on the rope

Two teams are formed. Each team stands to the left and right of the middle point of a rope and, holding the rope and pulling each team to its side, they have to get the other team to finish in their field.

Passing the bag

The participants will be placed in two rows, one behind the other, and will have to pass under their legs some weight bags. The first team that manages to make two rounds of sack passing will win.

Carreras con tablas

Three participants from each team have to climb onto boards with ropes that they will put their feet on. At the start, the participants from each team have to try to reach the goal first without falling, for which they have to walk in unison.

Pulse in balance

Two participants must get up on a board, located at a certain height from the ground, and pulse on their feet until their opponent falls to the ground.

Drop the tower

Participants will have to throw wooden cue towers, with cloth balls placed at a certain distance from them.

Comprar Espada Excalibur
Sack races

Three participants from each team have to climb onto boards with ropes that they will put their feet on. At the start, the participants from each team have to try to reach the goal first without falling, for which they have to walk in unison.

Inserting the horseshoes: There are several long sticks stuck in the ground and participants will have to insert horseshoes into them, throwing them from a certain distance.

Throwing the tower: Participants will have to throw towers of wooden blocks, with cloth balls, placed at a certain distance from them.

Juggling tests: A juggler will demonstrate to the participants how to juggle (usually with balls) and they will have to manage to do a number without the balls falling on the floor.

En función del número de asistentes y del tiempo del incentivo (medio día o día completo), dichas pruebas podrán variar y se realizarán en un horario u otro.

In short, as we said at the beginning, we want to OFFER THE PARTICIPANTS AN ENTERTAINING AND DIFFERENT DAY, which can serve merely for their enjoyment or also to encourage the relationship between them.




Our offer can range from the most informal meal to elaborate menus for the most demanding palate.


We have more than 8000 suits and accessories for all the people who participate in the event, both for sale and for rent. The great variety of models ranges from ladies, gentlemen, nobles, princesses, monks, innkeepers, etc...


We have all kinds of exterior and interior decorative elements such as banners and standards of various sizes, shadows, fretwork, halberds, confectioners, spears, swords, armor, shields, etc.

Tents and Medieval Tents

There is a variety of sizes and colors for the recreation of camps, giving it the necessary utility as it could be for tavern, lounge, dining room, kitchen, etc.

Comprar Katanas

Our actors develop different types of activities such as: animation workshops with juggling, medieval games, dances, representations and stagings, archers, tournaments, sword fighting and guided tours.

Comprar Espada Excalibur

Exhibition and display of birds of prey.

Horse Shows
  • Accompaniment of the entrance of the attendees
  • Sword fighting on horseback
  • Garrocha (dance with horses)
  • Horse dance and ballerina
  • Possibility to take photos with the horses and riders

Medieval Events

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