Functional Templar Sword William


Around 1066 A. D. Normans invade Britain led by William "The Conqueror", the first Norman king of England. This functional sword with forged blade in 1065 high carbon steel has a pommel with William´s battle cross engraved on it. The Cross also appears along the blade. The sturdy wooden grip is covered in dark red leather and surrounded by a silver plaited wire. It comes equipped with a wooden scabbard, covered in brown and red leather and embossed with the Conqueror´s cross in relief.

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Data sheet

Weight1,6 kg.
Length93 cm.
MaterialCarbon steel 1065
Blade76 cm.
Blade thickness0.5 cm.

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CATEGORY B High quality, well-balanced carbon steel swords, but not as hard as category A swords. They withstand well controlled combat without strong blows, but they should be used with swords of the same hardness, as they can be damaged in a fight with a harder blade. The minimum hardness is 48 HRC. They have a full tang, bolted or welded to the handle. Unsharpened and with a rounded edge. Light and easy to handle with a well balanced centre of gravity.