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Torino Functional Rapier
Torino Functional Rapier

Torino Functional Rapier


Functional rapier sword for fencing from the 17th century. High quality carbon steel blade with excellent balance. Total length 115 cm. length of the blade 93 cm. weight 1.05 kg. Width at guard 1,90 cm. at tip 1,02 cm. Thickness at guard 0,64cm. at tip 0,25 cm.

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CATEGORY B High quality, well-balanced carbon steel swords, but not as hard as category A swords. They withstand well controlled combat without strong blows, but they should be used with swords of the same hardness, as they can be damaged in a fight with a harder blade. The minimum hardness is 48 HRC. They have a full tang, bolted or welded to the handle. Light and easy to handle with a well balanced centre of gravity.

114,9 cm.
1,05 kg.
Carbon steel
93 cm.
Blade thickness
6,4 mm. At guard, 2,5 mm. At tip
Balance point
12,7 cm.
Harmonic point
71,12 cm.
Blade width
1,9 cm. At guard, 1,02 cm. At tip
Category B

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