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Buy Assassins Creed swords at the best price

Buy Assassins Creed swords at the best price

In Medieval Factory we have the section dedicated to Assassins Creed where you can buy all the swords and items of the saga at the best price with the best qualities of the best brands and swords manufacturers such as Marto, Windlass or Epic Armoury.

If you are a lover of the Assassins Creed Saga you can enjoy this the swords and daggers of their characters.

You'll surely want to have Altair's sword, made by our Medieval Decor brand, or Ezio's dagger, which for us is the best character of all.

Don't miss out on these collectibles!

Compra ahora las espadas de Assassins Creed

Acquire the swords of the saga

Acquire the swords of the saga

If you're looking for Assassins Creed swords at the best price, you've come to the right place.

We offer you the swords of Altair, Ezio or Edward Kenway at the best price so that you can enjoy and emulate your favorite characters of the saga.

Made by the best swords manufacturers like Marto and Windlass.

Get your hands on Altair's sword made by Marto, and don't miss out!

These are not simple swords, they are works of art that you must have in your collection.

Perfect collection items

Perfect collection items

Buy your Assassins Creed collectibles at Medieval Factory and show them off to your friends.

Don't miss the opportunity to get a handcrafted piece made by the most important sword manufacturers.

We also have a textile section where you will find cushions and banners made by Medieval Factory.

Decorate your room with Assassins Creed cushions and relive history.

Comprar katanas Decorativas

Are you looking for the best Fantasy swords?

Are you looking for the best Fantasy swords?

If you are looking for Fantasy Swords, at Medieval Factory we have a wide range of Fantasy Swords to meet your needs.

Manufactured by the best swords manufacturers which makes them unique and a collector's item.

Do not miss the opportunity to make your collection bigger.

We help you find what you need!



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