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Buy your Marvel and DC superheroes' weapons at Medieval Factory

Buy your Marvel and DC superheroes' weapons at Medieval Factory

In Medieval Factory we have at your disposal a great section where you can buy all the swords and items of your favorite superheroes of Marvel and DC at the best price with the best qualities of our own brand Medieval Decor that will delight collectors.

If you are a lover or collector you can enjoy this type of Fantasy Weapons.

You can buy here the Captain America's shield in full detail to protect you from your enemies or the Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, to use in your LARP recreations.

Compra ahora las armas de tus superhéroes

The best Marvel Weapons

The best Marvel Weapons

As you may already know, we have a list of articles dedicated to fantasy and the world of Marvel superheroes.

Buy here their most emblematic weapons or shields and feel the protagonist of any comic book of Marvel's Cinematic Universe.

Made by the best manufacturers!

Perfect items to collect

Perfect items to collect

Tell me it wouldn't look perfect on the Captain America Shield we have available at Medieval Factory on display in the middle of the room, so your guests will be amazed when they enter your home.

Manufactured with respect to every detail so they look like the ones they wear in the movies, you won't find anything more real!

You don't need any excuse to start collecting the weapons of your favorite Marvel characters.

Comprar katanas Decorativas

Mjolnir of Thor

Mjolnir of Thor

And you, are you worthy to raise Thor's hammer?

You can only check here at Medieval Factory.

Take the Mjolnir now, Thor's weapon of choice. You can't miss this opportunity anymore. It's a real gem that you must have if you are to be a Marvel lover.

Thanos' gauntlet

Thanos' gauntlet

I'm sure you've wanted to be Thanos and make that snap that wipes out half the population of the universe...

Now you can emulate Marvel's supervillain by buying the Gauntlet of Infinity made by Medieval Decor.

We have the Gauntlet of Infinity with all the gems at Medieval Factory.

Buy it now!

Eye of Agamotto

Eye of Agamotto

At Medieval Factory we have the Eye of Agamotto by Dr Strange manufactured down to the last detail to make it look real.

Any self-respecting collector should have this precious item in his collection.

If you can see fourteen million six hundred five possibilities to choose an alternative future and only in one desire, why not try the Eye of Agamotto?

Heart of Tony Stark

Heart of Tony Stark

"Proof that Tony Stark has a heart" is what the urn containing Tony Stark's ARC reactor says.

Buy now this beautiful item to decorate any of the shelves in your house.

For us and for many the most iconic of all Marvel superheroes.

It doesn't have any super powers, but it's simply Iron Man.



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