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Welcome to the Vikings series products section, here you will be able to find the weapons, shields, and all kinds of items that appear in the Vikings series from the History channel, at incredible prices and with all kinds of finishes. You will find the famous Ragnar ax, the sword of the Lagertha shield, and many articles and accessories that will delight any fan of the series.

We offer a wide variety of products in the series at different prices and with a very good quality in all products, Viking sword sheaths, replicas of the legendary weapons of the series, banners with details of the characters of the series such as, Ragnar , Laguerta, Bjorn, Floki, the "evil" Ivar and many more that we are adding over time.

Buy Vikings series axes

We have a variety of axes from the series, a catalog that we are increasing every day with more replicas of the axes of the characters, always seeking to obtain the best prices on Vikings axes to be able to offer them to you in our Online store.

Axes of Lord Of Battles one of the best manufacturers of Asian weapons in a traditional way, and other axes of own manufacture of the Medieval Decor brand, in both you will get quality Viking axes that will make you feel like Ragnar Lodbrok himself when disembarking by first time in England.

Buy Vikings series swords

If what you like the most are the famous Viking swords, you're in luck since we have the weapons of the main heroes of the Vikings Series, both the sword of the Lagertha shield, as well as that of our most acclaimed hero Ragnar Lodbrok, you will see that they are Swords with perfect finishes and faithful to the series, if what you really want is to wield that Viking sword and fight for Odin, you are in luck since in our section you will find several models to choose from.

It is time to wield your Vikings sword and launch yourself into battle or valhalla. May the gods be with you!

Vikings Online catalog on the rise

In our section of the Vikings TV series, we strive to bring you new products every day, we search among the best manufacturers, and after a selection of the best replicas, we are adding them to the catalog of our Online store in the Vikings section, every week Or more, we are adding new weapons that our suppliers supply us, that is, as long as they meet some quality standards that we want to offer you in our products.

Little by little you will see that the Vikings catalog is increasing, adding more and more products every day that will delight the followers of the famous series of the History channel. Be sure to visit us and follow us on social networks to stay up to date with all the news that we will offer you. in addition to succulent specific offers on these products.

If you want to visit many more products we recommend you visit our Viking Swords category, where in addition to replicas of the series you will find an immense catalog of all types of decorative and functional Nordic swords.

We hope you liked our Vikings articles, otherwise, see you at Valhalla brother !!



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