Leather pirate hat


Pirate hat handmade in brown or black leather. T-S (circumference 57 cm). T M / L (Circumference (60 cm) T -. XL (Circumference 63 cm).

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The Pirate Hat is one of the most characteristic outfits of these characters. In fact, it is difficult to imagine a pirate without his hat. This is due to its peculiar tricorne design, as well as its materials and different elements. All this makes the Pirate Hat an item increasingly demanded by lovers of this theme. And consequently, a product sold in a general level.

How has the Evolution of the Pirate Hat been?

The Pirate Hat has undergone an aesthetic change throughout history. Therefore, the first Pirate Hats are quite different from the last we can find. This is because the times have a considerable influence on the aesthetics and design of the garments, which includes this type of hat. It is a very characteristic complement that has been adapted to the passage of time.
The most common pirate hat in antiquity was the "Monmouth" style.They were woolen hats, but in the shape of a sailor hat, which was the main trend of the time.However, the current pirate hats are made with tied leather tops. These are the hats that are used in the well-known film Pirates of the Caribbean, set in pirate life, where we can find a variety of pita hats.

Where can you buy this type of hat?

As we already know, there is a great variety of hat typologies in the pirate world. Therefore, when looking for a store that sells these products it is important to select one that offers great diversity. Regardless of whether it is a physical or online store, not all offer this variety. The stores usually have 2 or 3 articles related to the theme. This makes it difficult to find the Pirate Hat we are looking for.

In Medieval Factory this problem does not exist. We are Manufacturers of all types of products, which includes this type of hat. Our company offers different types of hats set in the pirate era. You can find hats of different colors, materials and shapes. This will give you the opportunity to choose between several items, thus obtaining the most original Pirate Hat of the party or event that is celebrated.