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Buy Katanas Online at the best price

Buy Katanas Online at the best price

¿Are you interested in getting a fabulous katana for your collection? In Medieval Factory, an online store specializing in Oriental-type weapons, such as Katanas, Wakizashi, Tanto and even magnificent Bokken, we offer an extensive catalog of all types of Oriental weapons commonly known as Katanas, but if you are an expert in this sector of oriental weapons surely know how to differentiate between the different types within this family.

In our online catalogue of products of the Katanas family we offer you the products of the main manufacturers of Katanas worldwide, giving you the option to acquire very economic Katanas, or katanas that are authentic works of art, depending on the type of weapon you are looking for, and the budget you have.

We also have accessories for your Katanas, such as products for their maintenance, supports for katanas, as well as exhibitors.

Meet the replicas of Ornamental Katanas

Meet the replicas of Ornamental Katanas

The advantage of an ornamental katana is, above all, the relationship between price and aesthetic quality. As it will not be used in battle, it does not need to be forged in expensive tamahagane steel. Nor will it require months of handwork involving several master craftsmen.

The advantage of historical weapons is the possibility of replicating them, since there are real swords on which to base the copy. If they have been destroyed or lost, there is often reliable documentation of their appearance. In the case of the famous katanas, there are copies of the hamon blade (the drawing that is formed lengthwise during forging) to make the most reliable reproductions.

The hamon is unique to each katana, it is identified as a fingerprint and is itself an artistic expression. It also serves to know the time and the artist who forged it, as its creation has more to do with alchemy and art than with simple blacksmithing.

If you practice some kind of Japanese fencing, like kendo or kenjutsu, you will need to train functional katanas or wooden bokken. Medieval Factory offers a range of swords that will satisfy the demands of practitioners of both martial arts.

You can also add to the katana the wakizashi, or middle sword; and the tanto, or dagger. All three weapons, together or separately, can be purchased in a set with their base, and are very decorative.

Japanese Katana: the most beautiful sword ever forged

Japanese Katana: the most beautiful sword ever forged

The Japanese Katana is a weapon that has always fascinated the observer. In it, lethality and beauty are perfectly combined, hence its value as an art object. While most military blades are the product of the evolution of working tools or farm implements, swords were forged specifically for war, and often possess a legendary aura.

From the mythical Excálibur to the Spanish Tizona, there are also Japanese swords shrouded in mystery. The most valuable sword in the world is the best forged katana in history, the so-called: Honjo Masamune, 700 years old. It has been unaccounted for since 1946, when a sergeant in the 7th Cavalry (part of the U.S. occupation forces) took it from a Tokyo police station to the weapons depot... where it was never delivered.

This Katana was elaborated by the great Japanese swordmaker Goro Nyudo Masamune, this manufacturer made almost all his works during the period of Kamakura, between the XIII and XIV centuries, period in which the Samurais arose. Masamune made a large number of weapons during this period.

Although Masamune has authentic works of art, above all stands out the previously mentioned Honjo Masamune, fortunate to have it in his possession, as it is one of the most coveted weapons in the world.

What kind of Katanas can you find in our shop?

What kind of Katanas can you find in our shop?

As we have already mentioned, we are passionate about all kinds of weapons, but if there is one type of weapon that raises more excitement than the others, these are the Katanas, in fact part of the Medieval Factory team, they are great collectors of Katanas, having in their collection a good number of all types of these weapons.

That's why as experts in the field in our catalog of oriental weapons can find all kinds of weapons as we have mentioned above but we must group them into two main types, as indicated below, having completely different purposes and uses.

Decoration Katanas

Decoration Katanas

This type of katana is characterized by being faithful replicas of the original ones, and for a merely decorative use, although in some cases these can be sharp, it is not its specific particularity, since they can get spoiled, that is why this type is usually delivered without any kind of sharpness.

If you want to know the different types of decorative katanas we have, you can do so by visiting this link.

Functional Katanas

Functional Katanas

In the case of the functional-type Katanas, they are clearly distinguished by their workmanship and finish, and are especially suitable for use in training in combat disciplines that require it. As they are functional type weapons, the dexterity that can be acquired is notably superior to that which we would obtain with a decorative one, due to their finishes, such as weight, balance point and edge.

They are used in disciplines such as Aikido, Kendo, Ninjutsu, Karate Do, and Judo

Types of subgroups within the Katana family

Types of subgroups within the Katana family

Although within the family of katanas we can find a wide variety of models, as the main types, we can differentiate 4, including the Katana itself as the main weapon, here are the main types of weapon within the Katana family, including the Oriental type


This type of Katana usually measures between 30 and 60 centimeters, where those who measure the minimum indicated could be classified as "Tanto". The wakizashi, was an alternative weapon of defense when the Samurai did not have his main katana, in fact it was a weapon that could be carried everywhere. It was a weapon widely used by the so-called "Ninjas". A quick weapon due to its easy draw and quick cut.


With a design very similar to the katana, but of reduced dimensions, similar to the dagger used in the western part, a weapon of not more than 30cm, the design of the blade and Tsuka are quite different from the katana although at first sight it may seem the opposite. A weapon carried at the waist and widely used as a complement in the fight

He was the substitute of the Wakizashi in ceremonial moments like the famous Harakiri.


This model, unlike the others, is usually made of wood and is mainly used for fencing without the main weapon.

Therefore, it is considered a replacement for the main weapon used by fencing lovers, or the Samurai of the time, for their skill training.

Currently we can see it in use in martial arts such as Kendo and other disciplines.

Oriental Weapons

In this subcategory that is not really considered Katana we can find all kinds of weapons used in the Middle East, and Asian countries, such as Kung Fu swords, Knives, Sais, Kunais and Chinese Range, and even some types of spears.

Weapons of the most varied that were used from ancient times to the present by different peoples or martial arts disciplines.



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