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LARP Weapons

Do you know what LARP or Live Role is?

Live role-playing, also known as LARP (in English live action role-playing), is a form of role-playing game in which the representation of the characters by the players is carried out in real time and in a staged way, through sometimes even with appropriate attire, such as costumes and harmless reproductions of swords or other weapons. In contrast, in traditional role-playing games (commonly called "tabletop role-playing games") the players sit around a table and perform their characters only orally.

What types of weapons for live role (Larp) are there?

In this catalog you will find all kinds of larp swords, type larp weapons: Bows, Throwing, daggers, canes, axeshammers, Maces and much more ... The type of weapon larp will be decisive depending on the character you want to represent, or the setting in the one that is going to play.

In addition to styles, they also have different types of larp swords depending on their length. From great short swords for quick attacks or defensive use, to long swords worthy of the noblest of knights.





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