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Thief Gloves
Thief Gloves
Thief Gloves

Thief Gloves

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Epic Armory is one of the most important manufacturers of all kinds of products for the LARP (Live Action Role Play) and its products range from weapons and armor in Latex or Polyurethane to clothing and accessories in Leather for Live Role. It is one of the most popular brands on the market, with a huge catalog of products and value for money that has made them one of the preferred brands of distributors, and fans of Larp.

Their brand is perfectly defined as creative, functional, smart and safe. Based on the experiences of our regular and demanding customers, LARP Epic Armory products always exceed your expectations, featuring a variety of styles and themes that other weapons do not. In addition, their product is specially designed for the LARP, Larping and Larpers so all their products are suitable for use in Live Roles.

Medieval Factory is proud to be the best Epic Armory distributor in Spain and one of the best in Europe in general.

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