Lord Of Battles 

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Ref. 4203-LOR

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Drinking horn made of real horn. Polished outside. Varnished inside with food-safe varnish (will resist alcohol), Support not included.

Ref. 5851-LOR

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Metal display to hang the sword upright.

Ref. 6801-LOR

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High quality cowhide gloves available in two colors.

Ref. 6706-LOR

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Medieval suede leather bag of 14 cm available in two colors and has fasteners to wear hanging from the belt.

Ref. 6708-LOR

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Medieval pouch in suede leather, with a size of 25 cm , perfectly designed for larp, medieval or viking costume

Ref. 8812-LOR

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This cloak brooch is hand forged from iron and left roughly finished to retain its handcrafted character and period appearance. Large brooch pins such as this were commonly used to fasten cloaks in the dark ages and early medieval period.

Ref. 6508-LOR

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Tahali for sword

Ref. 8811-LOR

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Fibulae of this kind were common throughout Europe, all they way from the late Roman period, the Dark Ages and the Early Medieval period.

Ref. 1401BK-LOR

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Made from blackened, high-quality carbon steel rings, 4 in 1 pattern weave.

Ref. 6722-LOR

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Small scottish pouch for kilt or medieval costume, made of leather and with a size of 19 cm x 18 cm x 3,5 cm

Ref. 8630-LOR

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Medieval leather diary with cross motif, Hand made diary and with recyled sheets, Size: 13 cm x 18 cm x 3.5 cm The perfect item for your memories.

Ref. 8679-LOR

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Leather diary with medieval and Celtic engravings with two buckles, the size of the diary is 15 cm wide, 20 high and 3 thick.

Ref. 6719-LOR

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The bag measures 21cm x 17.5cm in size and is made from 3mm thick leather, A practical accessory for Living History, Reenactment, LARP or Cosplay.

Ref. 6714-LOR

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Medieval messenger pouch in leather with 15 cm x 18 cm in size. Hand made medieval pouch

Ref. 7202-LOR

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The padded coif was used as protection for the head. It was also worn under the helmet or coif in order to prevent rubbing on the head. The outside is made of 100% cotton and the inside padding is made of polyester. Suitable for historical reenactment and LARP

Ref. 5517-LOR

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Decorative sword with traditional Roman style. It includes leather sheath with decorations.

Ref. 8408-LOR

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Medieval Hand Forged Knife with Twisted Handle 20cm

Ref. 1301BK-LOR

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Medieval handcuffs made in steel. Length 25 cm. diameter 7 cm.

Ref. 2245PL20-LOR

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Functional medieval helmet made of steel 1 mm with adjustable inner leather lining and chin strap, wearing chainmail for shoulder and neck protection.

Ref. 8426-LOR

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Medieval Hand Forged Knife with Leather Grip - 25cms

Ref. 5515-LOR

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Decorative Viking sword, made of carbon steel .. The handle and sheath are decorated in brass. It includes leather sheath.

Ref. 1114-LOR

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Ax of the warrior Ragnar Lodbrok. Functional, made of carbon steel. Wooden handle with leather decorations. Handy with just one hand, 52/5000 Forged by hand with high quality carbon steel.

Ref. 5506-LOR

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Norman decorative sword. Made of steel Leather grip It includes leather sheath and steel sheet.

Ref. 25139PL16-LOR

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Norman functional medieval helmet made of 1.3 mm steel with adjustable inner leather lining and chin strap, wearing chain mail for shoulder and neck protection.

Ref. 5531-LOR

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American cavalry saber model 1860 known as M1862. It includes steel sheath. Total length 98 cm. blade length 82 cm, leather handle 11 cm.

Ref. 6152-LOR

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Medieval Black Leather Greaves decorated with rivets, measure 33 cm high.

Ref. 6402-LOR

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A black or brown leather sword holder or frog great for your next LARP, cosplay, or medieval themed costume event. The belt is designed to wrap around the waist twice for a swash buckling look and includes an adjustable frog to carry your sword, axe or other weapon. The belt is 4.5cm in width and 235cm in length and is made from 3mm thick black leather....

Ref. 886BK-LOR

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Package of 1 kg of flat steel rings, blackened natural color, They are oiled to prevent oxidation, Ring diameter 9 mm. Thickness 1.5 mm, This material is perfect for repairs or to make your own chainmail.

Ref. 4251-LOR

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This powder horn is made from genuine cattle horn and reconstructed following original findings.  The horn is notched decoratively and has a wooden cap, fastened with authentic nails from brass. The opening at the horn’s point can be closed  by a stopper. 

Ref. 2222PL12-LOR

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Reproduction of the helmet of S.XI Olmutz known as nasal helmet. Made of 2 mm thick steel and lined with adjustable leather and chin strap with buckle.

Ref. 5518-LOR

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Medieval decorative sword with wooden handle and leather sheath, total length 98 cm, handle 13 cm and maximum blade width 5 cm.

Ref. 25124-LOR

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Diary engraved in leather with Celtic motifs and handmade paper, measuring 18 cm high, 13 cm wide and 3 cm thick.

Ref. 2099P14-LOR

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Functional carbon steel shield with white finish to paint and customize to your liking. Ideal for LARP or historical recreation, its measures are 52 wide x 70 cm high, behind it has a grip handle. thickness 1.8 mm

Ref. 8520-LOR

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Hand Forged Corkscrew, 11 cm x 9 cm

Ref. 60655-LOR

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Black Medieval Bracelets with Cross for LARP, high measure 28 cm.

Ref. 60656-LOR

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Brown Medieval Bracelets with Cross for LARP, high measure 28 cm.

Ref. 6102-LOR

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A set of leather medieval Greek bracers with studs suitable for archery, LARP or Game of Thrones Cosplay. Each bracer is 27.5 cm long, 26 cm wide and 6mm thick.

Ref. 6720-LOR

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Viking or medieval leather bag, the bag has a leather cuff at the back that allows it to fit easily into any 6 cm waist belt. 15cm x 10,5cm

Ref. 7121BK-LOR

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Padded prawn with cotton padding, closes in front with laces finished in brass toes, this recreational garment of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Ref. 7102BK-LOR

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Thick black cotton shrimp with cotton padding. The armpits are open for comfort and ventilation. Maximum chest contour measurements: Size M 110 cm. Size L 115 cm, Size XL 120 cm, Size XXL 130 cm. The length is 95 cm.

Ref. 7201E-LOR

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A padded gorget was a protective garment, mainly for the neck. Fastened with leather buckles. The outside is made of 100% cotton and the inside padding is made of polyester. Suitable for historical reenactment and LARP.

Ref. 2282PL14-LOR

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Functional Italian bacinete at the end of the 15th century, made of 1.4 mm thick steel with inner padding and leather chinstrap.

Ref. 25292-LOR

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Gotland Viking ax head of the S.X, hand forged with a length of 20 cm, blade width 15.5 cm, approximate weight 485 gr.

Ref. 25252-LOR

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Made of leather with brass decorations. Length of the strips 30 cm, waist contour length 120 cm.

Ref. 8802-LOR

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Celtic brooch type handmade. Measures 7.5 cm in diameter and thickness 4 mm.

Ref. 25312-LOR

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Bag made of red and black suede, button closure. Total dimensions approx. 23 x 15 cm Suitable for belts with a maximum width of approx. 3.2 cm

Ref. 4435-LOR

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Jug made of natural horn, with high resistance handle. Each jar is different since it is a natural product. Height 17 cm.

Ref. 2228PL14-LOR

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Our Spangenhelm Helmet is a fully battle-ready and is made in the style of late Middle Ages as used by Normans or crusaders. The face plate as well as the calotte are hammered from 1.6mm strong steel. Both helmet halves are welded together. Additionally three overlapping steel strips, the spangen, and a solid face plate are riveted to the helmet.

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