Medieval leather belt for children


Medieval leather belt with rivets for children. 4 cm wide.

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Leather belt. Width 5 cms. Colours brown and black. Metallic decoration.

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Roman brown leather belt with copper rivets. Length 86 cm. Height 50 cm.

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This is a copy of a typical Roman cingulum (cingulum militare), as worn by legionaires during the first century. The belt is made from robust, light-brown leather with narrow brass fittings.

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Greek belt with black leather straps and brass rivets. Belt length 132 cm.

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Black leather belt, ancient Greek model, with brass ornaments and leather straps. Length: 132 cm, thickness: 1.8-2.2 mm.

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This Roman belt is made of light brown leather with decorative brass plates. Replica of the Roman cingulum belt, used by the centurions during the first century. Length: 130 cm.

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Roman belt Balteus or Cinctorium, made of red-brown leather with silver accessories. This piece is essential for any Roman military representation. Length of the belt: 130 cm and width: 40 cm approx.

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Medieval long leather belt.

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Long leather medieval belt of high quality with decorative engravings. Length 175 cms. Valid for all sizes.

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Medieval style belt with hooks for possible attachment of straps for sword holder or other accessories. Made in Spain with premium leather.

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Corset belt for women brown leather with embossed details. The edges have a quilted velvet and cotton hem. The corset can be adjusted using four buckles

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Replica of the Roman Legionnaire´s Belt from the 1st century preserved in the Mainz Museum (Germany). It has metal rivets and the leather is light brown. It´s 125 cm long.

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Replica of a centurion cingulum from the late Roman period. Made of cowhide about 3 mm thick, it has ten spindle-shaped brass ornaments and two rings for hanging the dagger and sword. The total length is 130 cm and fastens from 101 to 121 cm. It is 9 cm wide and weighs one kilogram.

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Roman Cingulum of legionnaire. Made of leather with metal fittings in brass. Total length 115 cm.

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Early Middle Ages Viking belt in split cowhide leather. Engraved golden brass belt buckle and tip. Length 170 cm, width 25 mm.

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Belt made of natural split leather 4 cm wide, decorated with rivets and two old golden badges.

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This timeless belt is made of thick, high-quality black leather and features an adjustable built-in hanger that allows a variety of weapons to be carried. This also allows us to carry many of our Windlass Steelcrafts sword sheaths.

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Leather viking belt 3 cm wide and buckle in old silver 5 cm in diameter, Made in Spain with high quality leather.

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Celtic leather belt made in Spain, the buckle with Celtic ornaments in bronze color is 6.5 cm in diameter and the belt belt 4 cm.

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Viking leather belt of 4 cm decorated with the hammer of Thor in bronze color. The buckle is 6 cm in diameter, made in Spain.

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Leather belt decorated with the Celtic Triqueta in old silver color, which symbolizes life, death and rebirth. The buckle is 6.7 cm in diameter and the width of the belt is 4 cm,

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Leather belt with buckle decorated with Celtic Knot in old silver color and 6 cm in diameter, the belt is 4 cm wide and made in Spain.

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Leather belt of 3 cm made in Spain and decorated with Viking buckle with the Serpent of Midgard in old silver and 4.5 cm in diameter.

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Leather belt 4 cm wide and decorated with Celtic Knot in bronze color 6 cm in diameter, is made in Spain with high quality leather.

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Made of leather with brass decorations. Length of the strips 30 cm, waist contour length 120 cm.

Ref. 25246-LOR

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Belt made of leather decorated with Templar crosses.Length 172 cm, width 4 cm. The belt is equipped with 16 templar crosses of approx. 2.6 x 2.6 cm Approximate weight. 399 g

Ref. 6402-LOR

39,99 €
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A black or brown leather sword holder or frog great for your next LARP, cosplay, or medieval themed costume event. The belt is designed to wrap around the waist twice for a swash buckling look and includes an adjustable frog to carry your sword, axe or other weapon. The belt is 4.5cm in width and 235cm in length and is made from 3mm thick black leather....

Ref. 60761-LOR

39,99 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

The belt is crafted from brown leather, trimmed with circular brass studs and 3 skull and crossbones studs, with a large square buckle to hold the belt in place. Although this belt is made for a smaller machete sword, the belt attached sword holder has two adjustable straps with pure brass buckles to fit swords of various shapes and sizes.

Ref. 6413BK-LOR

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medieval or renaissance themed ring belt great for LARP, SCA, fantasy, pirate clothing and costume. Unlike cheaper belts which are made with snap rivets that easily come apart, the ring buckle on this belt is stitched for extra durability.

Ref. 6415-LOR

35,99 €
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This chest belt is designed to be worn by a right-handed user. It is made of leather, brass dangling rings, brass rivets, and an adjustable steel buckle. The baldric has been fitted with an enlarged leather pad to better distribute the weight of the weapon on the shoulder.