Cape Brooches and Fibulas 

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Open support for mantle, Templar seal motif in aged brass finish. Diameter of a piece 4 cm, total length 11,5 cm, weight 65 gr.

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Fibulae of this kind were common throughout Europe, all they way from the late Roman period, the Dark Ages and the Early Medieval period.

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This cloak brooch is hand forged from iron and left roughly finished to retain its handcrafted character and period appearance. Large brooch pins such as this were commonly used to fasten cloaks in the dark ages and early medieval period.

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Celtic brooch type handmade. Measures 7.5 cm in diameter and thickness 4 mm.

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Cloak Pin - Twisted, handmade. Length 14 cm. 6 cm diameter.

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The brooch has a twisted design with leaf ornaments at the ends.

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Braided brooch for cape. Made of 4 mm steel, diameter 7 cms and needle length 8 cms

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The original ring fibula (also called penannular brooch or Celtic brooch) from the early Viking Age was made from silver. As the original had lost its pin, this nicely crafted brass replica was fitted with a pin patterned after another brooch from the same period. The original ring fibula (also called penannular brooch or Celtic brooch) from the early...

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There is a coiled ornamental design at the opposite ends of the clasp.

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Cape brooches.