Medieval Headwear  

Ref. 3001

16,00 €
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Shinny balaclava. Especially recommended for warrior tabards. Made of polyester.

Ref. 3026

17,00 €
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Renaissance and medieval hat for men, composition 100% cotton.

Ref. 2992

11,50 €
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Mantle with drawstrings for medieval man costume. Complement for many of the medieval costume models in the catalog. Made of 100% cotton.

Ref. 7202-LOR

13,99 €
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The padded coif was used as protection for the head. It was also worn under the helmet or coif in order to prevent rubbing on the head. The outside is made of 100% cotton and the inside padding is made of polyester. Suitable for historical reenactment and LARP

Ref. 3025

14,50 €
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Medieval coif made of 100% cotton.

Ref. 3229

8,00 €
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Silver mantle to complete the medieval man costumes, polyester composition.

Ref. 3183

30,50 €
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Chainmail balaclava very resistant and a good complement to all medieval warrior costumes. Made of acrylic fabric.

Ref. 3028

16,00 €
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Knight Templar hat 100% cotton.

Ref. 3887

23,99 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

Medieval mantle with hood that serves for different characters of the time, different colors and combinations, made of 100% cotton.

Ref. 51444

19,00 €
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Medieval mantle with brown hood to complement medieval costume, polyester.

Ref. 3027

16,00 €
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Robin Hood medieval hat, available in black. 100% cotton.

Ref. 51407

14,96 €
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Mantle that imitates the chainmail, made of acrylic fabric.

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Collection of Medieval, Renaissance and Templar hats.