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Medieval Costumes

We are manufacturers of all kinds of medieval costumes and accessories: Romans, Moors, Renaissance for men, women, boys and girls. Dresses, tunics, jumpsuits, capes, belts, waistcoats, banners, shirts, hats, pants, headdresses, gualdrapas.

The costumes and medieval accessories are a world. It is a period of time that in the West lasted more than a thousand years, and clothing (civil and military, male and female) evolved receiving multiple influences.

Primitive medieval clothing was a descendant of Roman clothing. The barbarian peoples contributed their breeches or trousers. The Byzantine influence in turn received the Oriental, with new materials and luxurious elaboration. The Arabs in Spain and the subsequent Christian reconquest, the Quattrocento in Italy and other historical circumstances also left their mark on the clothing of the people.

In Aragon highlights the use of the pellón, also called sobreveste, sobrecota or surcote. From the thirteenth to the fifteenth century, it was the masculine and feminine garment that covered briales or sayas.

In Medieval Factory you also have clothes and accessories designed for cosplay (Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, etc.). If the clothing you are looking for does not fit into the available thematic garments, you can take advantage of loose clothing as a basis for your recreation.

Medieval costumes for Cosplay: two common mistakes
Cosplay is a Japanese term that refers to the practice of disguising oneself and representing a recognizable character in comics, manga, videogames, literature or movies. Medieval costumes or accessories, such as capeline or mail, can serve as the basis for a fantasy cosplay, or sword and witchcraft; Not to mention the armament.

You must bear in mind that cosplay is not a simple costume party: attendees are fans who come to the meeting to give it their all. Therefore, remember that:

         A single detail does not make you a cosplayer. People with normal clothes that exhibit a katana, or a medieval suit with sneakers, will never be the most popular of the Comic-con.
         The crossover couple. Do not mix genres. If you have decided to make the red carpet with your partner, that the costumes are congruent. You can not walk all day dressed as Arwen (Lord of the Rings), by the hand of SpongeBob. The crossover is very disconcerting for good fans.
Medieval costumes for the season and outlet
If you are looking for medieval clothing and accessories for adults and children, historical recreation, costume party or cosplay, in Medieval Factory you will find a variety of items to equip you with the level of detail you think is convenient. Check the web and discover offers in the Outlet section.





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