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Medieval Costumes for Men

We are manufacturers of all types of medieval costumes for men. Nobles, kings, Knights Templar, Teutonic, calatraves, buffoons, monks, bishops, innkeepers, archers.

Discover medieval costumes for men
The Medieval Factory medieval man costumes cover a very broad historical period, and different social classes. At the beginning of the Middle Ages, garments and accessories continued to be those of the late Roman period (in southern Europe) or barbaric influence (in the north) and no particular differences were applied between male and female clothing.

Characteristic of this form of dress was the simplicity of the forms and the cuts, the comfort of the materials and the sobriety of the decorations: men and women wore tunics and long layers to the floor. This type of sleeves without sleeves and variable length adapt to different constitutions, and serve without problem even as medieval XXL men's suits. There were only some small differences between the clothes of both sexes. At the end of the period, during the Renaissance, complex colors and designs, slashed sleeves and a more elaborate fashion began to appear.

How to wear medieval clothes?
Fashion experienced noticeable variations during the thousand years of the Middle Ages, as can be seen in photos of medieval costumes of man. That's why you should not miss finding in this section from Roman fashion, to clothes from the 15th century. Within this variety, you can find the medieval man costume that you need for the party or event in which you wish to participate.

First, choose the social class of the character in your costume. In such a stratified society, the differences in clothing are notorious. The types of cloth used to make clothes depended on the economic availability of the person. The medieval costume of a peasant man was made of rough cloth with a rudimentary finish, while to dress the medieval knight one could buy light and precious fabrics, finely worked.

Meet the medieval templar costumes for men
Of all the medieval religious and military orders, the Order of the Temple is the one that retains the most evocative power. The cross red kick, symbol of the order, can be seen in the surcoats that cover the mails of the knights, as well as in other accessories. Medieval Factory also offers fashion of different orders, such as hospitable and calatravos.

If you are looking for cheap medieval men's costumes as a medieval innkeeper suit, even a medieval warrior armor, do not forget to consult the sections of medieval costumes for men, or outlet, where you will find offers of products while stocks last.





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