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We are manufacturers of all kinds of medieval costumes for women. Mesonera, ladies, queens, tavern, nobility, people, Romans, Renaissance, headdresses and bags.

Handmade medieval woman costumes
The Medieval Factory medieval women's costumes range from the fashion of the end of the Roman Empire, to the Renaissance period. The Middle Ages was an era of continuous struggles and wars, but there were also those who could afford to think about their appearance. A first observation that we can make is that the medieval costume of woman was conserved without substantial changes during centuries.

The shirts of the medieval women's suits lacked buttons and pockets. On them they wore the tunic (a long dress of Byzantine tradition); often with long side slots to reveal the bottom shirt of a different color.

The medieval lady had in her trunk (since you can not talk about the medieval cabinets) a sample of spare shirts that completed the dress according to the occasions and the tastes. Changing the shirts, the medieval costumes for women renewed their image in an instant with the least expense. The brial of a medieval princess, or the wardrobe of any rich lady, was full of rich fabrics, even with silks and brocades; Contrary to the simplicity of elaboration and design of jerseys or other medieval dresses of peasant women.

Headpieces and accessories for medieval women's costumes
As we learn from the images of medieval women's costumes that have reached us, the ladies of rank or the rich matrons barely showed themselves in public with their heads uncovered, so a headdress was needed. According to the century, the famous conical or cushion-shaped headdresses, embellished by billowing veils, were worn. Also developed in the complements for the hairstyle, as the colored ribbons often entwined in the braids of girls, or collected in networks woven with threads of precious metals and pearls.

The ladies, in addition to showing rings and bracelets of gold and precious stones, the ladies used brooches, throws, pendants and necklaces. Remember that the people of the time were also aware of the diverse symbology of each metal, stone or color.

Outlet section and cheap women's medieval costumes
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