Acre Crusader Sword


This sword, from the BattleCry Collection of Windlass Steelcrafts is a formidable weapon of proven effectiveness. This classic knight´s sword was essential in combat with sword and shield or with sword and shield, either on foot or on horseback. With a robust and imposing leaf, with a wide guard of more than 20 cm. His practical cruciform handle with grip for a hand and circular knob, became a functional model that served as a model to other styles. Nothing could the medieval warrior do to improve that blade. Includes matching case with belt hook and decorated box.Certificate of authenticity signed by the master craftsman who forges the sheet.Matching pod included.Total length: 100 cm Length Sheet: 83 cm Width Blade: 5 cm Weight: 1.530 gr Grip length: 16 cm Balance point: 15 cm Under the fist 1065 Carbon Steel Phylum: Sharp

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