Tizona Cid Sword in Gold


La Tizona or Tizón is one of the swords (together with Colada) that tradition or literature attributes to the Cid Campeador, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar (1043-1099). According to the "Cantar de mio Cid" (1200) the Cid obtained it after defeating King Búcar of Morocco in Valencia to give it later to the Infantes of Carrión for the wedding with his daughters.

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The Tizona Sword is one of the most important and outstanding swords of the Cid Campeador. Literature has always related to this gentleman, as well as to others such as the Sword Colada. According to the Cantar of my Cid, an anonymous song that told all the exploits of the same, the Tizona corresponded to King Búcar of Morocco. However, the Cid Campeador got it during a fight that took place in Valencia.

What is the Origin of the Tizona Sword?

The Tizona Sword is a sword with a long history. And whose presence is associated with different families and treasures. Its origin goes back to the treasure of the royal chamber of Castile, where it was found in the inventory of it. According to the details of the weapon it was a ceremonial sword. Another Tizona is also in the hands of the Marquises of Falces. Well it was Fernando II of Aragon the Catholic who gave it to him.

In the channel of the Sword was an engraving that read: "IO SOI TISONA WAS DATE IN THE ERA DE MILE QUARENTA". On the other side was another engraving that read the following: "AVE MARIA GRATIA PLENA DOMINUS MECUM". This shows that the own engraving of the sword counted the origin of the same, at least in one of the faces. Although there is no clear principle of it.

What Powers did the Tizona Sword have?

The Tizona Sword had different supernatural properties. Well, it is a very special sword that has given powers to all those who have had it on their property. It is true that other swords of the Cid, like La Colada, were also highlighted by their powers. But the Tizona has different stories related to its uses and capabilities. Well, the powers of it were more remarkable.
In the Cantar del Mio Cid, it is said that the Tizona Sword had its own personality. This is because the strength of this sword varied depending on the arm of the one who wielded it. In this way unworthy enemies were terrified. While Carrión's infants had the Tizona, they despised his strength. After the offense of Corpes, the Cid recovered his swords and gave the Tizona to Pedro Bermúdez.

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