Viking sword Maldon


This is the Viking sword from the BattleCry Collection of Windlass Steelcrafts. It has a light, agile and resistant fighting blade made with a legendary design. Created to face the shields, the chain mail and the thickness of the leather or leather armor. With semi-rounded tip and sharp edge and a blade neither too wide nor too narrow. Handle with lobed knob for a comfortable grip. Effective combined with a shield, with a Sax or a hand ax. A sword that adapts well to any type of hand. With a unique shaded tone. Includes matching case with belt hook and decorated box.Certificate of authenticity signed by the master craftsman who forges the sheet.Matching pod included.Total length: 92 cm Length Blade: 78 cm Width Blade: 4 cm Weight: 1.077 gr Balance Point: 16 cm Under the fist 1065 Carbon Steel Phylum: Sharp

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