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Ref. 1105-LOR

41,58 €
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Viking ax throwing from a hand made of steel and wood. Total length 46 cm, head length 16 cm, blade width 9 cm, Forged by hand with high quality carbon steel.

Ref. 25292-LOR

59,40 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

Gotland Viking ax head of the S.X, hand forged with a length of 20 cm, blade width 15.5 cm, approximate weight 485 gr.

Ref. 25241-LOR

65,78 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

Head of medieval halberd. Measure 53 cm long by 30 cm wide. Adaptable to a handle 2.8 cm thick.

Ref. 1114-LOR

95,15 €
Shipping in 4-6 weeks

Ax of the warrior Ragnar Lodbrok. Functional, made of carbon steel. Wooden handle with leather decorations. Handy with just one hand, 52/5000 Forged by hand with high quality carbon steel.

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