hombreras medevales de cuero 

Ref. 6708-LOR

14,99 €
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Medieval pouch in suede leather, with a size of 25 cm , perfectly designed for larp, medieval or viking costume

Ref. 6719-LOR

39,95 €
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The bag measures 21cm x 17.5cm in size and is made from 3mm thick leather, A practical accessory for Living History, Reenactment, LARP or Cosplay.

Ref. 6714-LOR

29,98 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

Medieval messenger pouch in leather with 15 cm x 18 cm in size. Hand made medieval pouch

Ref. 6722-LOR

39,99 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

Small scottish pouch for kilt or medieval costume, made of leather and with a size of 19 cm x 18 cm x 3,5 cm

Ref. 25312-LOR

18,88 €
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Bag made of red and black suede, button closure. Total dimensions approx. 23 x 15 cm Suitable for belts with a maximum width of approx. 3.2 cm

Ref. 6720-LOR

16,83 €
Shipping in 2 months

Viking or medieval leather bag, the bag has a leather cuff at the back that allows it to fit easily into any 6 cm waist belt. 15cm x 10,5cm

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