katanas decorativas 

Ref. 5105-LOR

211,96 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

Functional combat sword for recreation of the 14th and 15th centuries, made of carbon steel and includes a pod with 205 cm long leather belt to double the waist or cut it to size.

Ref. 5510-LOR

90,59 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

Medieval sword with full tang and wheel knob, includes leather sheath lined with leather. Total length of the sword 102 cm, blade length 84 cm, carbon tempered steel blade material.

Ref. 51768

127,99 €
Shipping in 10-15 working days

Decorative Katana from the exclusive collection of "Oriental Weapons" manufactured by Marto. Stainless steel blade, 100 cm total length.

Ref. 5103-LOR

197,25 €
Shipping in 4-6 weeks

Functional hand and a half sword made of tempered EN45 carbon steel with a hardness 52-55 and a one-piece spike. The sword measures 117 cm, the blade 90 cm, handle 23 cm wide and the blade 4.5 cm wide. The approximate weight of the sword is 1.7 kg and includes the leather case with a 225 cm long belt to double turn or cut it to size.

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