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Buy Swords Online at the Best Price

Buy Swords Online at the Best Price

At Medieval Factory you can buy all kinds of swords. Swords of decoration for collectors, Combat swords, Historical swords, Templar swords, Katanas, Roman swords, Celts, Vikings, Florets, Falcata, Gladius, Functional swords, Fantasy swords, Clothes swords, Greek swords, Oriental swords and weapons, wooden swords, for weddings, etc

From Medieval Factory as specialists and shop with extensive experience in the online sale of Swords, in addition to having its own brand, we offer you all kinds of sword models, very cheap models and models for the most demanding recreationists, swords that will even be forged for you for authentic craftsmen. Brands we trust and those that offer only high quality products, giving us authentic replicas of swords from the forges of Toledo, to Asian imports. Some replicas of medieval swords that are made according to the use you are going to give to your future acquisition, from stainless steel for those looking for a medieval decoration sword, to medieval carbon steel swords, providing them with exceptional durability.

  • Toledo Swords: These have been made for several centuries, given the great importance of the weapon in the outcome of a battle. They are swords made of an outstanding quality steel that made them extremely hard.

The most famous swords in history, in chronological order, have been these:

  • Falcata Ibérica: Its design with the blade adapted to penetrate horizontally was its most outstanding feature
  • Roman Gladius: Ideal for close combat with scutum protection
  • Roman Spatha: The evolution of the Gladius, longer
  • Viking Sword: Sword of enormous size. Devastating but unwieldy
  • Scimitars: The swords of the Arabs, have a characteristic curved shape
  • Templar Swords: The swords of Christ's soldiers.
  • Claymore Sword: From James I of Scotland
  • Command of the Catholic Kings: With it they knighted Christobal Colón
  • Sword of Hernán Cortés: Great Spanish Conqueror
  • French Foil: Typical of Musketeers
  • French sabre: Short sabre comfortable handling
  • Clothes swords: The weapon of the dress uniform
  • Sword of the Masons: With the symbolism of Freemasonry
  • Katana: The sword of the samurai

Don't wait any longer and buy now your Medieval sword that you want so much!

The best swords of collection and recreation in Medieval Factory

The best swords of collection and recreation in Medieval Factory

Buy the best swords at Medieval Factory.

Whether your thing is collecting swords or recreating history, or you simply like swords and the history behind them, we have a wide range of swords to suit all your needs.

From historical character swords to your favorite TV heroes, oriental swords, functional combat swords and LARP swords.

Swords with Toledan craftsmanship

Espadas con artesanía Toledana

As you may have noticed in our wide catalogue of Toledo Swords we have swords with the best finishes and most select materials made by master swordsmen. All the art of Toledo in your hand.

The masterpieces of Marto and Windlass at your fingertips.

If you are a lover of history and swords, you no longer have an excuse not to get a sword of this category.

Don't wait any longer to buy your incredible Sword of Toledo!

These are incredible pieces for any sword collector.

Historical Swords

Historical Swords

Buy the swords that have been part of our history and that of some of the most important civilizations.

Wide selection of Viking swords, great Kings and the most famous historical conquerors.

Swords forged by the most important manufacturers such as Art Gladius and J.L Rubio who put authentic works of art at your disposal in our historical swords section, with the best materials and perfect finishes.

You can find swords ranging from approximately 25 to almost 420 euros and even request the manufacture of a custom Katana if necessary.





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