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Arabian Swords

The scimitar is an originally oriental sword, very light and sharp and with a curved edge. Its length oscillates between 55cm and 1 meter and is finished off at the opposite end to the edge with a handle. To get an idea, it can be defined as a "sword turned sickle-shaped."

The scimitars were exceptionally hard and strong and absorbed the blows easily due to the material with which it was made, such as the so-called "Damascus steel", which had a high carbon content, specifically from 1.5 to 2%, which gave it this hardness and a unique beauty with wavy marks on the edge. Damascus steel was admired throughout the West and they tried to imitate them but with little success. In the Iberian Peninsula developed a metal with characteristics similar to that of Damascus, is the renowned "Toledo steel".

The scimitar had a perfect design to attack from the saddle of the horse because after the enviste, the blade was not embedded in the opponent which allowed the warrior to move forward. It is said that he cut the enemy's body from the shoulder from the waist, in the same way that he cut a silk handkerchief in half.

The name comes from the Persian word "shamsir", that derived in the Italian word "scimitar". The geographical and chronological origin of the scimitar is very much discussed today. As for the origin there are those who place it in ancient Persia, although it spread throughout the Middle East from India to the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.


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