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Alfanje of the Hispanic Arabian al-janyar, "the dagger", denominates a single-edged sword with a broad curved blade used in the Iberian Peninsula, part of the Mediterranean and Italy during the Middle Ages and until the Renaissance. In ancient Castilian it was also known as "terciado".

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The Alfanje is a curved sword with a wide blade, with a single edge on one side. It is an evolution derived from the Eastern and Muslim sabers to which characteristics of the great medieval swords were added. However, it is shorter and heavier than sabers with a characteristic contrafilo and have S-shaped hawks. This type of Alfanje became widespread in the Italian city-states and from there spread throughout Europe

The word Alfanje also refers to any blade cut weapon curved on one side and with a single edge. In short, the cutlass is a single-edged, curved, single-handed, wider-than-scimitar blade weapon that tends to widen along the blade.