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Classically simple in design, featuring a flattened blade with diamond cross-section and cruciform hilt, the original dates from the early 15th century. The "Lion Rampant", emblem of the Habsburg dynasty, is engraved in the pommel, while the Passau "Running Wolf" guild mark appears on the blade fuller. Grip and scabbard are both cord-wrapped and...

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The sparring blunts feature a longer fuller to balance the thicker edges and a flattened tip section to provide the flexibility required for safety. The flattened scent-stopper pommel (type T-1) forms a natural extension of the double-hand grip and the square section guard (Type 2) provides solid security. The hardwood-cored grip is leather-over-cord...

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Functional Viking sword made of Damascus high carbon steel. The blade is polished with acid etching in the fuller to highlight the Damascus design of the blade. The Damascus steel swords were famous for their hardness and the long life of their sharp edge. Steel pommel and cross-guard. Leather-lined wooden grip. It is a true fighting sword that any Viking...

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These are the highest quality carbon steel blades. Perfectly balanced and tempered to high hardness. They can be used regularly in full contact combat and are suitable for professionals.

  • The minimum hardness is 50 HRC.
  • They have a full tang, bolted or welded to the handle.
  • Unsharpened and with a rounded edge.
  • Light and easy to handle with a perfectly balanced centre of gravity.