Functional Swords Category C 

Ref. 52752

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Combat sword made of carbon steel, ideal for beginners and light exercises.

Ref. 50633

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Functional sword made of carbon steel AISI 1566. The blade is SHARP and has a double fuller. The hilt is made of wood covered with leather. Includes a leather-wrapped scabbard with steel decorations. Length of the sword 96 cm. blade 80 cm. leaf width 4,7 cm. weight 1.65 kg.

Ref. 50733

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Medieval sword one hand. It includes leather lined case. Hand-forged.

Ref. 51644

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The pirate captain´s "hook" is made of beautiful antiqued brass with a steel grip. The fully tempered blade is made of carbon steel. Includes scabbard wrapped with leather.

Ref. 51645

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Functional pirate sword for the left hand. It features a high carbon steel blade with a gorgeus brass basket shaped guard and a hardwood grip.

Ref. 51960

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Replica of a typical Viking sword of the 9th and 10th century. The high-quality carbon steel blade is forged in one piece to the pommel and riveted. The edge of the blade is blunt and the tip is rounded. The guard and pommel are made from hand-forged carbon steel. This sword is suited for beginners and light swordplay.

Ref. 51991

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Replica of the Dibek sword found in southern Sweden. The blade is made of carbon steel with a full tang, riveted to the hilt. The guard and pommel are made of decorated brass. It can be used in non-contact training but without guarantees of use in combat.

Ref. 2116

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Historic Arming combat sword with leather sheath, carbon steel blade, steel and wood grip, Made in Toledo. Category C

Ref. 2114

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Crossed sword of combat that includes leather sheath, length 94 cm and made of carbon steel with wood and steel handle, Made in Toledo, category C, not suitable for real combat.

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Training or recreation swords without combat. Swords made of tempered carbon steel of good quality but which may not be well balanced. For their quality they are functional weapons but without guarantees in use in real battle for their lower hardness and low resistance.

  • Blade hardness less than 48 HRC.
  • They have a full tang, bolted or welded to the handle.
  • Unsharpened and with a rounded edge.
  • Can be heavy and with a non-optimal balancing.