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Claymore Swords

Claymore sword is designed to be used with both hands, such as the sword or broadsword. It has a double edge, an oversized handle and a hawk that allowed to defend itself in the absence of a shield. Its greatest virtue was precisely this, block the opponent's blows, the grip being its main feature

It is thought that the name Claymore comes from the Gaelic, means big sword, although it could also mean sword of two hands. It was used constantly in the wars between English and Scottish between the year 1330 and 1700. It was somewhat smaller than other swords of the time, which made it lighter and more manageable

It also had advantages when it came to disarming the adversaries due to its cross-guard design. It used to measure a meter and a half, with a handle of about 30 centimeters and 2.5 kilos of weight. It had the handle in redone form and a guard with straight arms inclined forwards that ended in crosses




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