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Conan Swords

Conan the Bárbaro is a mythical film from the 80s. It premiered in 82 and is starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film tells the story of a young Barbarian who seeks to avenge the death of his parents at the hands of a sect that worships snakes.

The world is dominated by witchcraft and swords. Thulsa Doom is the leader of an army that invades Crimmeria and assassinate all its inhabitants except the children, whom they take as prisoners. one of them is Conan, who sees how his mother is beheaded and the dogs are thrown out to his father. Rexor, one of Thulsa's men seizes the sword of Conan's father.

After the massacre they take all the children to a forced labor camp and Conan spends a great part of his life there. As an adult, a slave dealer buys it and uses it as a gladiator. Thanks to training Conan becomes a fearsome warrior




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