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If you have reached this section you are surely a sword lover and as such, you want to acquire the most famous sword ever created for a king... Arthur king of Camelot and the famous Knights of the Round Table. A sword desired by any lover of medieval weapons, this sword is said to have magical properties and could only be wielded by a worthy knight and true heir to Arthur, although in our extensive collection of Excalibur swords you won't find any with magical properties, if we can guarantee a range of Excalibur replica swords with different finishes depending on your budget and requirements, Excalibur replicas from £40 to authentic realistic reproductions by Martoy Windlass that exceed £200

On the other hand you have different types of excalibur swords depending on their use:

  • Excalibur for children (Cadets)
  • Functional Excalibur
  • Excalibur for decoration

Now you decide which Excalibur model you want to buy at your specialty store, MedievalFactory.

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Excalibur, the missing sword for sale

What happened to Excalibur's disappearance?

The most widely accepted story is that of Arthur, dying after the battle of Camlann, where he killed the young Mordret, who wounded the king to death, and was taken to the banks of a river by Bediviere. There, leaning on an oak tree, the bearer of the chanterelle, asked his faithful knight (it is not known whether Griflet, Bedivere, Lancelot or Perceval) to throw his sword into a nearby lake, into the pond where Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, lives. This knight, who first disobeys and then accepts the order very reluctantly When the knight throws the sword into the pond, a hand dressed in white silk emerges from the surface of the water, takes the sword and then disappears into the depths.

Excalibur like the sword of stone

Excalibur like the sword of stone

The most widespread legend tells us that when King Uther Pendragon died, Merlin forged a sword, Excalibur, on the island of Avalon (the island of fairies) and stuck it into a stone next to a chapel in London. Arthur was the only one able to remove it from the rock, where it was embedded.

The real Excalibur

The real Excalibur

In the Abbey of San Galgano, near the city of Siena (Italy), there is a sword embedded in the ground, which has never been removed. The sword, which survived the passage of time, is protected by a glass so that no one can damage it.




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