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Game of Thrones Swords

Game of thrones is the most popular series related to the Middle Ages today without a doubt. It has legions of fans, who love to have the sword of their favorite character hanging at home. Among the most prominent swords of the series are:

Claw: The sword of Jon Snow. It's a bastard sword. He had a bear on the doorknob but was replaced by a wolf to look like "Ghost", Jon Snow's wolf. Jeor Mormont handed it to Jon

Needle: The sword that Jon Snow gave to Arya Stark before leaving for the Night's Watch. It is a very light sword that adapts very well to the style of fencing "Dance of the water", used in Braavos

Ice: It's the Vally steel sword of the Stark house. The blade is as wide as a man's hand and has a dark, smoky appearance. It belonged to Ned Stark, until Ilyn Payne used it to decapitate him. Later Tywin Lannister forged with her two swords: Widow's Lament and Guardajuramentos

Guardajuramentos: Forged with the vallium steel of "Ice". Tywin Lannister gives it to his son Jaime, who thinks that they make fun of him for losing his right hand. This one gives it to Brienne de Tarth, who baptizes it as Guardajuramentos after the order that receives to find and to protect Sansa Stark

Venom of Heart: Vally steel sword of Tarly house. Samwell Tarly takes her out of the living room



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