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Lor of the Rings Swords

These are the most representative swords of Lord of the Anilos:

Anduril: Forged from the pieces of Narsil (with which he cut off Sauron's hand). It was forged by the elves for Aragorn, on the blade it has an inscription in Elvish that says that the bearer of this sword will be able to summon the most deadly army.

Narsil: Narsil's blade broke when Elendil fell in the great battle against Sauron. Elendil's son, Isildur, picked up the remains of the sword and with it cut off Sauron's hand, and with it the ring of power

Frodo Dart Sword Bolsón: It is a magical sword that his uncle Bilbo gives him and that was forged by the elfos. Shines in the dark when there are orcs near

Glamdring: The sword of Gandalf, is a magic sword that shines in the presence of the enemy. It has an Elvish engraving with an elven rune that says it was forged for Turgon, the king of Gondolín.

Herugrim: Theoden sword, king of Rohan. When his advisor Grima betrays him he also snatches the sword to reduce his power

Witchking: The sword of the witch king, the leader of the nine ghosts. Like the rest of the spectrum, you can see the ring bearer with cliarity when he puts it on. It was forged by the blacksmiths of Mordor



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