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Buy the best Iberian Swords and Falcatas

Buy the best Iberian Swords and Falcatas

The best swords manufacturers put at our disposal and in our catalogue the best Iberian swords made by Marto, Windlass, Art Gladius and Battle Merchant among others.

If you are looking for a falcata with a supreme quality and worthy to be in a collection of historical swords that is worthy, in Medieval Factory you will find them at the best price.

If we had existed in the time of Alexander the Great, I'm sure I would have bought it at Medieval Factory.

Buy the best Iberian Swords and Falcatas

Buy swords made with the highest quality

Buy swords made with the highest quality

Marto's quality today is indisputable. You are not only buying something with historical value, you are buying art in the form of a sword that can be used to decorate a room as a precious collector's item.

Take advantage now and emulate Alexander the Great the conqueror by acquiring one of the Falcatas we have available at Medieval Factory.

Buy swords with premium construction materials

Buy swords with premium construction materials

Mentioning the sword maker Marto above, when you buy a historic falcata at Medieval Factory you are buying a sword made with quality materials that are only available to very few sword makers.

You are buying, without a doubt, something that will last a long time and you will be able to enjoy and show off in front of your friends.

Buy swords made with the highest quality

Main characteristics of the Falcata

Principales características de la Falcata

The Falcata is a curved-edged sword whose origin dates back to pre-Roman Iberia. It is the most significant weapon among Celtic swords. It has its origin in the knives of the iron age. The Falcata is curved and short (about 50cm). It has an asymmetrical curved, single-edged blade. This edge turns forward before moving backwards again. Consequently, this shape gives it a centre of gravity located approximately in the middle of the blade and the cutting point closer to the tip. This maximizes the power of each cut.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to get your hands on a top quality Falcata Ibera.

The handle is as characteristic as the blade. It is small and one-handed, and is offset to one side from its axis. Its shape embraces the warrior's hand, like a hook. It is often reattached to the blade with a rivet. It also has bone porridge and a knob with different shapes and figures. Its shape makes it excessively sharp. This puts it ahead of other swords in terms of its level of sharpness. However, the presence of a counter-blade seems to indicate that it is also used as a lunge weapon.




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