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Japanese Weapons

The Japanese had a very wide variety of weapons. The most famous is the katana sword, of course, an authentic work of art associated with its culture, values ​​and traditions. But in addition to the katana they had many more weapons in their arsenal:

Bo: A stick almost two meters long and about 3 centimeters wide. Generally used by fishermen but also used as a weapon in a very effective way
Bokken Basically a wooden katana, very popular in the Muromachi period
Eku: It originated from the oars of the fishermen. In spite of being of wood it has filosy is sharp in the extreme
Hanbo: It is a stick with rounded shape of a little less than 1 meter long
Kama: A long-handled sickle
Naginata: Consists of a blade stuck in a long stick. It looks vaguely like European halberds but the leaf is simply curved
Nunchaku: They are two very short sticks (about 40 centimeters) joined together by a rope or chain. Very popular nowadays thanks to television and cinema
Sai: It is a dagger with a sharp point but without edge and with two lateral protections (tsuba)
Tanto: Short weapon similar to a dagger
Tonfa: A stick half a meter long with a perpendicular grip about 15 centimeters
Wakizashi: Short sword similar to the katana



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