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Roman Swords.

Roman swords. Replicas of the swords of the time.

The origin of the Roman Gladius is not known but it is thought that it was an evolution of the Celtiberian swords used in the Second Punic War. These swords were suitable both for cutting and for the thrust and the Romans soon copied it, and their new design was called Gladius Hispaniensis.
They were "antenna" type swords, very practical for attacks of initiative, since being shorter than usual allowed quick thrusts, it is considered one of the best swords in history. His combination the Roman shield (scutum) was deadly, the Roman soldier for the opponent's blow with the scutum and contrasted with a quick and deadly thrust. Originally they were very similar to the Iberian sword that they copied, of long point and double edge but it was evolving to simpler forms, until it arrived at the model "Pompeii", its simpler form, of totally straight leaf

It was a light sword, the crossing of the blade fit perfectly to align it with the elbow at 90º. The soldiers knew how to use it perfectly and knew the seriousness of the injuries in English or thighs, which bleed the enemy. Caused a large number of casualties especially in the War of Gaul




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