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Templar Swords

Templar Swords Reproductions of the swords of the Order of the Temple.

At the end of the eleventh century the Church decided to intervene directly in the Holy Land, calling a Holy War to guarantee the safety of the pilgrims to Jerusalem, who were constantly besieged by the Muslims. By the way, the Byzantine Empire was being helped and asked for help because of the Turkish siege as disputes were closed and all Christians were united under the same banner.

After many battles the First Crusade ended in 1099 taking Jerusalem, until that time dominated by Baldwin I. Several years later nine Christian knights, led by Hugo de Payens began to protect pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. Alone at first but supported by the king later. They obtained a place to settle in the vicinity of the ancient Temple of Solomon and some time later they would have the entire complex as the headquarters that would give the order its name (Templarios). After years of formalities the order was formally recognized by the Church in 1129, and its rules and regulations were established, after which it had an exponential growth, both in followers and in property and properties.

This growth was due to a myriad of reasons. On the one hand they were excluded from the jurisprudence and only the Pope had power over them. They received fortunes in the form of testaments and contributions from the nobles who joined them. In the middle of the 13th century it was the most important economic force in Europe and its members hovered around 30,000 knights. Their success on a moral level is motivated by the exploits they performed during the Crusades, which gave them worldwide fame and in turn the loss of the Holy Land was the beginning of the end of the Order, in addition to the misgivings caused by its growing power.

Philip IV of France, who was heavily indebted to the Templars, began a brutal smear campaign with the intention of keeping his assets. He pressured Pope Clement V and in 1307 a large number of Templars were arrested, tortured and finally burned at the stake, but not before being forced to confess false crimes and heresies to tarnish the image of the Order. They were officially dissolved in the year 1312 and most of their belongings went to the crowns that were behind the smear campaign




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