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Toledo Swords

Always the swords of Toledo have had an extraordinary hardness and lightness due to the unique way in which they were forged

The mastery of the craftsmen makes these swords a marvel, as well as the secret of their mettle, which is attributed to the waters of the Tagus River, where they were tempered. The high temperature of the waters and the quality of the steel have made the swords of Toledo the most famous in the world
Historically it is said that, more than two thousand years ago, the Toledo smiths forged the falcatas, which even Aníbal chose for his army. The Tizona and the Colada del Cid were Toledo swords and the Muslims copied this technique for their scimitars

After the reconquest Toledo became the largest swords center in the world. The "Iron Soul" technique, which consisted of a hard steel weapon with a sheet of sweet iron inside it, prevented it from bending or cracking
As the firearms replaced the swords, Carlos III created the Royal National Weapons Factory to gather all the craftsmen and preserve the industry

The composition and temper of these swords was always a secret passed down from father to son, which made knights from all over the world, including samurais, order them to make their swords

Currently one of the best customers of the Toledo spades are the producers of Hollywood, for swords of Lord of the Rings, Conan, Gladiator or Braveheart





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